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How to rid yourself of negative money thoughts Negative thinking is a very insidious and insidious thing. It always seems to me to have a negative attitude to money, because it is quite difficult for me to begin to see the world in a positive light. I can hardly even imagine my life without banking, and the world is constantly rushing with advertising, advertising, and advertising. I can't count how many times I've heard the phrase: "money likes those who take out loans and spend them." I can't help but feel that there are too many negative people in our country, too many of them in their lives they have already passed through many times. I can't help but feel that there are also those who are very much in need, but very much not enough of them. That's why I write this article, to share with you interesting facts about myself and to raise interesting thoughts about my life. Set yourself the goal, believe it — you will eliminate your eternally empty wallet. After a while, your wallet will "blow away" from you, and you will begin to feel much better. Try to save some of your funds as is, and only then, imagine how your life will change. Your life will change dramatically, and you will feel much better. And in General, this article is just the beginning of the process of changing your life in General. This is just the first step, which will allow you to finally start using more and more of your money, turning it into wealth. Here are some ways to increase your income:  1) Try to earn more than usual.  This is a guarantee that the absence of money will not eat away all your earnings.  2) Start giving up things that you don't use. For example, to cook your own food, or fill your own toilet, or something else you don't use much.  3) Look for additional earnings. Even if you earn 50 thousand or more a month, it's better to give up some of your former earnings. After all, the main thing in life is health, and the sooner you start using your money wisely, the better for the rest of your lives.  4) Find a decent part-time job. Nowadays, it is very easy to just not work, because it is very easy to do something badly (worrying about something) and then get another paycheck.  5) Plan to improve your financial situation. And save some of your money for a better life, for a good dream, for your dream.  6) Find a decent part-time job in your spare time. Now these are small tasks, but they will definitely help you improve your financial situation.  7) Look for a part-time job on weekends. Now these are more complex and less glamorous. Therefore, choose a job that will allow you to get paid money.  SUMMARY: Money is something that you don't see. Look for ways to make it easier. ADDITIONALLY: 1) Read my article "Where should I not invest my money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills do you need to become rich" . Author of article — Alexander Evstegneev I WILL BE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR LIKES AND REPOSTS OF THIS ARTICLE

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