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How can a novice investor "feel" the" magic of stocks? We have already touched on this topic in previous articles, but I wanted to give you an example. For myself, I did a search on the Internet and came up with two really good ideas for investing money. One is this and this. Why don't you buy shares of serious companies? Because in fact, they are the most rational and balanced in all your investments. And the other is that you can do without them. And when you do, you will immediately feel magical! And, Yes, sometimes you can get "wrenched to the bones" by a shareholder panic. But this is not a bad thing at all bad. This is just that you are working properly and you work for the growth of your capital. And this work is conducted by competent and original employees. For the purpose of investment rational shareholders are engaged in by the industry. Let's look at the example of J.P. Morgan Stanley. It is formed on the principle of: 1) to invest in dividend shares and other stock-paying securities, the company pays an average of 12% annual return for 20 years; dividend shares are traded on the stock exchange for long-term strategies (including through futures and options); contracts terminate within one year; and many more. 2) to increase your money, you need to buy assets that bring its price up to the level of its purchase price. And this, strictly speaking, is a reasonable operation. Because if the money is not spent, you will not be able to get rid of your money and your capital. 3) then you should spend the remaining funds on investments. Investments are a method of saving money that involves saving it not in a temporary pot, but in regular deposits and roubles. And if you have only 20-30 days remaining before your money starts coming to you, then you should put them away so that they don't devalue. 4) Don't rush to buy shares. At this point, you should understand that you will not buy the shares that are trading on them on the day of closing the transaction. You will only buy shares with a guarantee of life (at the minimum, register on the stock market article in the Concierge Desk and submit a request for registration by the 1st of July, close of the trading session started by the Issuer of the trade address specified in the application received from the broker, or by the deadline specified in the agreement for submission of the application). 5) in addition to the above, there are a lot of other things that you can do to increase your financial income. Start with the simplest ones. The more money you make, the faster you will build your capital. And if you still don't have enough yet, then start gradually building an impressive amount of capital planning to double your initial capital in half a year and thereby guarantee your family a passive income. ADDITIONALLY: 1) Read my article "Where should I not invest my money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills do you need to become rich" . The author of the article is Alexander Evstegneev I WILL BE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR LIKES AND REPOSTS OF THIS ARTICLE

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