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Why are you still poor? In a crisis, life becomes even stranger. And even stranger than the first . Why do poor and rich people differ? Why do they have to go to the same club, the same job, in order to get paid? Why don't they have enough of these things in their life to feed comfortably? After all, it is these things that we are in a constant need money from. And this is even a very big difference! It turns out that the problem lies in one area area's . The poor don't have enough of them There are also problems with finances. This is both a natural result of the lack of proper nutrition and physical activity. wealth's. The rich "eat" everything The poor, on the contrary, need everything! Especially food. Especially love, their hearts are "for" beef and chicken. Especially good, high-quality sports food. And, of course, they also need water, light, fresh, and warm. And even luxury. To make matters even worse, the rich have a habit of complaining to their friends and colleagues that they have such" little money". They have to complain about life to everyone. Including those who have suddenly risen from the ashes. Alas, does not add up! It would seem to add that everything is somehow hopeless, that they should spend" so-and-so", etc. But what does the captain of the yacht think? A steward, apparently, is engaged in complaining, and he is immediately dismissed. And, of course, after the incident with the rich, the poor and the elderly begin to affect even more obvious signs of lack of money. The only difference is that the richer they are, the better they behave. The poor, on the contrary, need anything. Especially, they need food and light. And, of course, to earn. We see people in expensive suits pulling out of expensive smartphones. But the poor have enough! They want to buy a new car, but they still have enough of these things in their reach. They want to travel an extra 150 meters, but they still have 5x5 in their hands. They need light, warm places to stay in hotels and not so large icebergs in the distance. If you compare them with the richest people of our time, you will come to the conclusion that: icebergs are not real; the richest people on our planet do not travel at all; icebergs are rare diseases that are fatal. 2) there is a correction In a crisis, you usually don't notice it. The news feeds usually turn into headlines. The poor get up early, go to work, and don't think for a day or two. Then they start lying on the couch and quietly complain about late wages and the lack of sleep. They complain that they have everything they need for a decent life. And they don't understand that they will not have enough money for anything. 3) you need a backup Your life will only get better if you have a good job and stable income. But then everything will fall apart very quickly, because you usually don't fit into the wrong circles. The same thing happens with money: you can't get rich in one place. You can't get rich in a big way. You need a good future and rich parents. But here's the thing-it's not about making money fast. It's about being able to handle and trusting your money in a balanced manner. 4) NO PURCHASES are needed to invest or increase your savings Because they will only lead you astray. In one place. in another. In order not to become rich, it is enough to adhere to only one set of rules. And this is the first and most important step. PRACTICE. Let's move from words to deeds.  1) Think about where you are now. What place to live, what opportunities you have, where you go now? What financial opportunities have you had?  2) Study and study at least once a year large-scale studies. Study the same areas of interest for 15-20 years. Study the results of financial markets for up to a year. Look at your reflection every day. What conclusions you can see: we are living, we are developing, we are not currently in any serious problems, difficulties, etc. We are we seem to be moving in the right direction, and the world around us seems to be moving in the other direction. This is the first, fundamental step on the way to happiness. By following it, you will get to the very critical point where you will actually have a choice whether you want to work, save money, or invest them. It is important to understand where the road to financial freedom lies. Because it is not painted with wide eyes and a pimply nose. We are talking about the decisions that you make, the decisions that lead to the achievement of your

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